Our original concept was a new spin on "truth or dare," with an edgy twist inspired by the brand.
The program for this concept included in-venue gaming via mobile devices which leveraged bar network media relationships. Consumers would opt-in to the flirty game and accept challenges in exchange for product sampling and branded swag.
The program included offline elements, such as coaster game pieces that generated engagement.
While we won the work, the budget was drastically reduced. So we developed a new, more modest idea. Supported by display banners and sponsored media that leveraged key influencers, the Cold Shot game enticed players to decide who would buy the next round based on a round of virtual "spin the shot glass." 
Users would add the names and email addresses of friends and "spin" the shot glasses. The loser would be notified with an invite where the loser had to buy the next round of Wide Eye. The loser could then go double-or-nothing by playing the game themselves. 

The product was discontinued shortly after the project launched.
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