The AACM print for this campaign featured artist Rahmaan Statik and his very first 3D pavement art work, comissioned by Toyota for the 2015 Corolla. My team used this as the foundation for a robust digital campaign extension.
RICH MEDIA VIDEO CAPTURE: Our rich media banner execution brought the ad to life and emphasized the key features of the car, while also showcasing the unique nature of the art.
TABLET AD VIDEO CAPTURE: The tablet ad carried over the feature call-outs, and also offered compelling video content that told the story behind the story of the ad, with examples below.
The project was executed on location in Los Angeles. This video from our tablet series captured the work the work that went into the project. If you pause the time lapse at key points you will see me directing, helping out with the set-up, painting and cleanup.
This video seamlessly integrates the new Corolla into the context of Rahmaan's art.
As an experiential component to the campaign, we created a Twitter-fueled art installation for Art Basel and SXSW Interactive. Upon encountering a Corolla set in a glass case in front of a canvas, people were encouraged to tweet using the hashtag #makeyourmark. When they did, paitball cannons fired, adding to designs comissioned from Rahmaan Statik. Visitors could also post images from a light-painting photobooth to their social feeds. Meanwhile, live music and top DJs performed. The event, in conjunction with Revolt, was a huge success, garnering great engagment and media attention.
We extended the general market campaign with our AACM print execution that played on the theme of "A bold car deserves a bold soundtrack." Again, my team used the backdrop of Afropunk music, style and culture to create a range of digital executions.
RICH MEDIA AD VIDEO CAPTURE: To complement the print ad, we developed a fun rich media banner execution that surprised the user, starting as an ad for a made-up band and integrating fake site content, then introducing the car in a bold manner.
TABLET AD VIDEO CAPTURE: For our tablet ad, we used Afropunk music and style to position the key features of the redesigned Camry. This execution was honored by Millennial Media as one of the Top Creatives of 2014.
VINE VIDEO SERIES: To help add dimension and reach for the campaign, we tapped Vine stars Max Jr and Simone Shepherd to create a series of videos that would showcase the car in a fun light. Though they were given certain parameters, they had broad creative licence, scripting and shooting the videos as they normally would. The series enjoyed a high level of engagament and positive response, exceeding our projected KPIs. See one of Max's videos here.
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