Postopia was a hugely popular entertainment website for kids, developed by Razorfish in partnership with Post Kids Cereals. The site featured games and activities that kids could unlock with codes found inside boxes of cereal. 
Post asked us to redesign the site to keep it fresh and compelling. We conducted extensive primary and secondary research with kids from across the country. Based on the insights we gained, we developed a site that could showcase the brands while providing safe ways to communicate with friends, robust customization features, and a weird and wonderful way to explore everything the site had to offer: on the back of your very own Creature. 
Sadly the entire project was defunded before we could begin development, as Kraft sold the Post division to Ralcorp.
The content on the site lived on the backs of various "creatures." This screenshot shows the main Creature view. Note that each cereal brand had its own creature.
The Pebbles Creature view. Note that orbiting this creature are individual, customized user creatures that are messaging each other.
Here is a close-up of an exchange between user Creatures. Note that they have collected various trophies and decorations from their activities on the site.
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