To help launch a new product to bring tweens back into the Lunchables franchise, I led the development of this integrated program to give context and life to the idea of "uploaded." 
A microsite featured original content with Rob Dyrdek as host and a group of teen performers, as well as robust entertainment content dedicated to giving meaning to the word uploaded. Each bit of content encouraged kids to try their own spins of what was presented. The program was designed to work across desktop, mobile and tablet devices. 
It was supported with a media partnership with MTV for Dyrdek's show "Ridiculousness", as well as social components. The campaign was hugely popular, driving purchase request and exceeding sales projections. Lunchables stuck with the theme and spirit of the campaign for several years.
When arriving at the site for the first time, users could watch an introductory video that explained the concept and the new definition of "uploaded."

The experience itself was effectively a customized YouTube experience that also allowed for static content. This not only increased the visibility of the program, but allowed for kids to contribute through a familiar process.

The video content was balanced between Rob Dyrdek videos and videos we scripted and shot with middle school aged kids.
Multiple videos, released over time, gave added dimension to the concept of "uploaded" and invited kids to add their own spin.
Part of the media buy included a featured placement on Xbox Live.
New content was released over the course of the program.
The site itself was divided into sections that flowed into each other: Rob's challenge videos, a call to submit, a tiled section of additional video and photo content, and a social feed with a product showcase.
The program worked seamlessly across web, mobile and tablet.
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