In the crowded frozen pizza aisle, Nestle struggled to build awareness of their licensed offering. With a key product differentiator of unusual ingredients and exciting flavors, we developed a "social experiment" concept to inspire people to make "deliciously different choices." 
We staged public stunts and captured hidden camera videos. We then built a microsite that offered a coupon for viewing the videos and sharing the site with friends. 
The work was featured in Brandweek, as well as showcased internally at Nestle as an example of innovative marketing.
Screenshot of microsite (no longer live).
One of the three videos featured on the site. The others were "Sidewalk Limbo" and "Bubblewrap Walk."
The project was supported by a media buy that featured fun banners, such as this roadblock which had communicating banners where the pizza rolled out of the leaderboard...
...and crashed into the banner below.
The Brandweek article on the project.
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