Tombstone Facebook App

Tombstone Pizza believed the reliability of their product quality was a key differentiator. Knowing that the brand was a popular choice for families, they sought to extend the benefit to make Tombstone the ideal choice for a simple, fast summer meal solution. Offline, an in-pack promotion offered the chance to win movie tickets. While Tombstone had a Facebook presence, only slightly more than 1,000 people had liked their page. Our creative team developed the concept of Tombstone Savings Time. With a very limited budget, we built an easy to use Facebook app. Users were asked to share the summer activities they would enjoy with their families in the time that Tombstone saved them from making dinner. The activity was posted to the user's wall and they received a coupon as a reward, driving incremental purchase. Shortly after the launch of the app the fan base grew to over 30,000, creating over 1,400,000 impressions.

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