Post Pebbles Cereal PebPals

I conceived and creatively directed this cause marketing program for Post Pebbles Cereals. Kids get a physical PebPal in a box of cereal then care for a virtual avatar of the pet online to earn donations for animal conservation. The original concept (as outlined in the diagram below) included an in-box vinyl toy to drive awareness and buzz for the program, connecting online and offline components. Unfortunately this toy was deemed too expensive, so the program leveraged the standard Posopia code to unlock the experience. Kids would engage in environmentally-friendly activities and games to generate donations. This was Post's first cause marketing effort.

This diagram outlines the program, including the vinyl toys and great viral potential for the online and offline components.
The main sell page for the experience on Postopia.
This screen outlines the cause marketing component.
This is a game screen from the experience.
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